Stainless Steel Meat Injector Kit for BBQ, Smokers, Deep Fry and oven.

Professional grade syringe for Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Poultry and Seafood.

  • Take your BBQ to the next level:  using the BBQ Meat Injector will make you the envy of your next cook out. By using the SG Fulfillment Perfect Marinade Syringe your grilling and smoking will be over the top.  Can be used for all cuts of meats with the three different size stainless steel needles included.
  • No more dry Turkey.  Inject your favorite flavor marinades deep into your turkey to keep moist and flavorful.  
  • Value for your money: this high-quality food injector syringe includes three durable food grade stainless steel injection needles.  You get a 6 inch angle cut for your more dense paste type marinades.  The 6 inch multi hole needle is for larger cuts of meat using liquid marinade.  Also included is a smaller 3 inch needle for thinner cuts of meat utilising liquid marinade.
  • Inject your foods with confidence:  The SG Fulfillment Marindade Injector is easy to use, extremely well built made for years of trouble free use.  The plunger utilizes food grade silicone washers for leak free use.  The 2 oz marindade barrel is the ideal size for easy handling and quick refills.  The syringe has a three ring handle for easy one handed operation.
  • Easy to clean:  this injector kit includes cleaning brushes and is made with dishwasher safe materials to make clean up a snap.

Meat Marinade Injector

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